GLOCO aims to be a premier Christian metaverse ecosystem that will be a global hub of church activity, conferences, commerce, business and interaction.

Ministerial ARTWORK's

For the first stage of NFT’s, we will release a Gen-0 art collection that will comprise of 7 pastors and ministers that have agreed to have their profiles expressed on our initial art collection. There will only be 7,777 Gen-0 artworks. The Gen-0 artworks will have special utility in the GloryVerse, the GLOCO metaverse ecosystem.

In the future, we hope to connect with more pastors and ministers to have their profiles expressed on future GLOCO artwork collections. Pastors that mint with us will be able to market themselves and their church brand in the metaverse space.

For our Gen-0 Ministerial artworks Collection, we are honored to represent the personas and ministries of Jesse & Amy Shamp, Hakeem & Naim Collins, Dr. Ben Lim, Natasha Hinn and Georgian Banov.


  • Special access to each of the 7 Ministers
  • Exclusive small group ministry & prayer
  • VIP Access to private onsite and online conferences
  • Discounts and Giveaways to merchandise and content
  • EARLY ACCESS to the GloryVerse and real estate in the 1st Christian Metaverse
  • Glory Coalition social media profile picture



Benjamin Lim

Chief Executive Officer
| Co-Founder

Daniel Song

Chief Technology Officer
| Co-Founder

Dolores Rivera

Chief Operations Officer

Clint D. Johnson

Lead Illustrator

Dominic Laureano

Chief Marketing Officer

Yusef Thomas



The Church has traditionally been slow to respond and primarily reactive to macroeconomic and macrosocial trends.

Getting the Church on board this train early can break that pattern.

Web3 is the next form of mass media communications.
One might ask what the point of YouTube was to ministry until the pandemic hit.
This will be bigger than that.
Think of what the Gutenberg printing press did for the distribution of Scripture during the Protestant Reformation.
This is akin to that on an exponential level.

The graphics will be hyper-realistic utilizing the speed of the Solana network and the Unreal engine.

Yes, community events, businesses, conferences, small groups and church services will all be possible in the GloryVerse.

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